Monday, February 2, 2004

Thoughts on the new All-Star "Survivor"

1) Could not believe Richard Hatch got naked so quick.
2) Shut up Jenna
3) If they knew it was going to rain, why didn't they create some rain collection device in which they could store drinking water?
4) I hope Sue gets a tummy full of parasites
5) I love Rudy
6) Shut up Jenna
7) Don't make Tina gooo! I like Tina!!!!
8) I bet they all smell

1 comment:

kmgnavy said...

OK, coming from someone who watched all but the first Survivor: Why, if you know how to start fire, would you endure dehydration from the start? If Richard knows how, he's better start making some flames!
Heard today that they may be a romance brewing between Boston Rob and Amber - do we care? It looks like lots of crying and such this Thursday. I don't care, I just like to watch Jeff Probst and his adorable dimples - "the tribe has spoken!"