Friday, February 13, 2004

Seeking real, not retail devotion

Here is my anti-Valentine's Day column in The Philadelphia Inquirer today.

Flowers, cards, candy. BLEAH! (Unless someone is giving them to me.)


bunkboy925 said...

Okay, time to stop it. I know you, love will come.
You will find a wonderful man who treats you with the same respect you treat the entire world. He will laugh when you say things only you find funny, and he will shoot milk from his nose when you say and do things that everybody finds funny. He will understand your need to appreciate life, and he will accompany you in that quest.

bunkboy925 said...

And one day they will write a journal, and it will tell the world how they came to be because their mother was silly enough to put her thoughts into words and let the entire world peer into her soul.
I know this, because I see things. I examine the world with the same curious eye you maintain. And me senses tell me that happiness is what KQ makes of it.

bunkboy925 said...

You will settle down, buy a house in the burbs, get a dog (or cat) and have wonderful children together. They will be bright and funny; they will infect the world with the same cheeriness you exude on a daily basis. They will grow up to be captains of industry, or the skeptic journalists who bring them down. They will watch you and your husband grow older and happier together and they will continue the legacy you have begun.
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ksqfan said...

More brilliance from KQ! I love this blog! Why isn't she writing this column every DAY for the Inquirer?

ksqwrite said...

Quit it! You are going to make me cry! Love, KQ