Thursday, August 25, 2005

George Clooney in pain!

I can not stand the thought of George in pain! This is not right! In the new issue of Men's Vogue, he talks about his spinal injury last year.,1,17235,00.html

Just in time for Hurricane Katrina!

Oh joy. I am in Florida just in time for ANOTHER hurricane. I got here last night for a quick trip. Last year, I went through Hurricane Charley, in which the rain was so fierce it was raining UP. Now we are about to get Hurricane Katrina, but it looks like Orlando will miss the brunt of it.

Not so my poor water-logged friends in South Florida. If you want to keep up to speed, check out my friend Bob's Blog on the Palm Beach Post:

This is how I know I am getting old

Last night I actually said out loud: "Damn! I can't find my fiber tablets!"

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Must buy copy of new Men's Vogue!!

George Clooney is on the cover! SHRIEK!

Two drunk Belgians get into George Clooney's estate!

This happened at his estate in Lake Como, Italy!!! Apparently, all the drunk Belgians had to say into the intercom was "Ciao! It's George."

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pictures from my trip to Ireland

Here are pix from my recent trip to Ireland. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Must raise $1000 to see Rick Springfield!!!

Rick Springfield's Girls, Live and (Very) In Person

By Melissa Rayworth

Associated Press
Thursday, August 11, 2005; Page C03

NEW YORK -- They had traveled 1,400 miles and waited two decades for this night -- three beautiful women from Long Island, wearing little black dresses to a concert by the pop star they'd drooled over when Reagan was president and hair was feathered. The Heidelberger sisters, together again, had flown all the way to North Dakota -- to see Rick Springfield.

As they strode down the aisle of the concert hall in the Pavilion Knights Casino, this trio of blondes straight out of a Robert Palmer video, the unthinkable happened: The Grammy winner himself was calling to them, beckoning them onto the stage.

Star Wars as a One-Man Show

My sister could probably do a one-woman version of this. She is a total "Star Wars" fan.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Dublin #2 (An e-mail I wrote yesterday)

Am back in the Temple Bar area, near the River Liffey. (By the way, Bar is used here to mean walkway, not well, bar, although there are many around.) Today Mom and I saw the National Gallery of art where they had a portrait of Bono!!! Gleep!

Oh yeah and a lot of other people's portraits too. Boy, that Rubens guy sure made people in his pictures mighty huge. In his painting of the Angel Gabriel and Mary at the Annunciation, the angel is so freakin' HUGE that I am surprised Mary did not run and shriek and hide in the stable.

We did more walking. Mom went back to the hotel again and I am here. It is about 9 p.m. at night but still very light out which I LOVE. We are walking a lot and today we climbed steps and then had to run for the bus which darn near killed Mom's knees.

Speaking of knees, Mom wanted to sit on a bench and not the steps at Trinity College yesterday while we ate lunch because of her knees. So she is on the bench and I am on the steps. There was some demented little girl with two ponytails tied in green ribbon who kept feeding the pigeons while humming this odd little tune. Like "La LA la LALA la. La."

Mind you, I was trying to EAT while the pigeons were munching on the crumbs she threw and then the pigeons (rats with wings) start looking at ME like "Hey! Want to share your popcorn?" and I am thinking, "Hey! Weird Little Girl! Knock off the humming and feed those damn birds somewhere else!!!!"

Anyhoo, you know that Duck Tour they have in Philadelphia where you tour around on an amphibious vessel on the street then go in the water? They have one here too, but it is a Viking Boat. Yes. Mom is quite anxious to go on. Really. So tomorrow we will be in a car/boat yelling "Yar!!" as we pretend to be Vikings. And then we go on the water for 20 minutes. Am trying to get Mom to buy a Viking hat with horns. So far, the Viking tour has excited her most in Dublin.

We also went to a famous old jail today where lots of people got shot by firing squad (always a happy tour) and where they filmed "In the Name of the Father" with my OTHER boyfriend, Daniel Day Lewis. Nearly had a coniption inside the jail when I recognized it from some of the scenes of DDL walking up the stairs.

For lunch we had ham and cheese and coleslaw on white bread. Yum! I am also eating chocolate Aero bars by the case.

Tummy is hungry for dinner. Must go eat more Thai noodles at Nude, the healthy restaurant run by Bono'sbrother Norman.

Dublin (Wrote this on Thursday)

Am in an Internet cafe in Temple Bar right at the River Liffey. You know what? That river smells. Worse than the Delaware. Yet still charming.  

 We are having a weird time with jet lag. I was awake from 2 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. this morning then I fell back asleep. Just in time for......weird smelling sausages at the breakfast buffet!!! No, didn't eat them this morning. Had Rice Crispies instead. I do like that they serve tomatoes with breakfast.  

Our hotel is okay but in a kind of industrial area with nothing much else around. I like the Temple Bar area a lot with all the shops and cafes.

I went into Brown Thomas, the fancy department store on Grafton Street and bought the kind of Lancome makeup I wear - Teint Idole!!! They have phased it out in the U.S. but they have it here!! Wanted to buy 11 bottles of it but it was too expensive.  

Today we went to Trinity College and the Book of Kells. The book is very ornate but I couldn't read a darn word of it. Plus there were a lot of pushy Germans crowding around the display case who would not move. Upstairs was the long room with all kinds of ancient books. It looked like Dad's house. But with a better bathroom. No, no. Just kidding.  

We saw a movie about the history of Dublin. Interesting. It seems every time the Irish turned around, the Vikings were invading and pillaging. How annoying.  

 Mom and I had good salmon last night and I just had some tasty tea at an Italian cafe. Jenny, you were right about the packaged sandwiches. Yum!   Mom has gone back to the hotel and I am going to look at the U2 collectible store near the Ha'Penny Bridge and then to the Clarence Hotel, which Bono and Edge own. Will try not to look like a tourist. Will refrain from weeping and/or screaming. U2 plays on the radio all the time here. Yippee. And I also heard the Cure.  

 Everyone in Dublin is on their cell phone all the time. Just like NYC. So is the traffic and even though we are crossing at the light, people keep trying to run us over.

  Must go in search  of all things U2 now. Oh it rained all day yesterday and was wet, awful and miserable. So damp. No wonder all those Irish people got consumption and cough.  

Monday, August 1, 2005

Taking a break

RandomReality is on holiday and will resume blogging somewhere around August 10. Maybe later. Who knows. Peace and harmony to you all. But not like the town of Harmony in the soap opera "Passions" where a tsunami is supposed to hit, even though it is New York State.


Just finished this book

Hi guys. Just finished reading "Dry" by Augusten Burroughs. He is the same author who wrote "Running With Scissors," about his bizarre and horrid childhood after his mother gave him away to his loony psychiatrist. "RWS" was a good book but freaked me out a bit.

"Dry" was amazing. It is not much of a surprise that Burroughs turned out to be an alcoholic after spending his childhood with a psychiatrist, a pedophile and a pile of pill-popping pseudo-siblings."Dry" chronicles his life as a gay, alcoholic advertising executive in New York City. There is a sense of dark humor to his writings reminiscent of David Sedaris.

"Dry" is about Burroughs stay in rehab and his struggle to stay sober and to keep his advertising job. The chapters about pitching a campaign for a German beer company are just brilliant.

Random Reality give this book 4 stars out of 5 :)