Sunday, February 8, 2004

Grammy Awards. Part 2

Look! It is “America’s Favorite Couple,” Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. He seemed to be nicely recovered from his ATV accident.
  “I’m just happy to be anywhere,” Ozzy said. Sharon giggled.

   “HELLOO!” Ozzy yelled to the crowd. Yep, he is still on painkillers.

  They presented Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group. And the Grammy goes to: Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen. Zevon’s son, Jordan, accepted for him and called him “an incredible father.”

  (Here is an unrelated thought: It is a mistake to buy generic Q-Tips from the Dollar Store. They are subpar. Now, back to our program.)

  It’s the Song of the Year award. One of the nominees is Richard Marx. Huh.

  Guess what!!! The Grammy goes to: Richard Marx and Luther Vandross for “Dance with my Father!” Luther’s business manager accepts for him. He read a statement from him.

  “Thank you for your belief for me and my music,” Luther wrote. 

  It’s Outkast again! SHRIEK! They are dressed like green American Indians. I don’t know why, but who cares. Here is a marching band.

  “Shake it like a Polaroid Picture. Hey Ya!”

  Album of the Year goes to Outkast! Yea!

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