Thursday, February 19, 2004

"Sex and the City" might become a movie!!!

NEW YORK Feb. 19 — (Associated Press) This weekend may not be the swan song for "Sex and the City." The series' top executive, Michael Patrick King, and the show's cast is in discussions with HBO about a movie that would continue the saga of the four New York City friends, HBO spokeswoman Tobe Becker said Thursday.

Becker would not comment specifically on a Variety report that HBO is trying to wrap up deals with series stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis to bring their roles to the big screen.

While movie adaptations of popular TV shows are fairly common, it's far more unusual to bring the original cast of a TV show to a movie played in theaters.

The final episode of the HBO series is to air Sunday with the question lingering: Will Carrie Bradshaw ditch her artist boyfriend in Paris and return to the city she loves and/or Big, her philandering former flame?

Edited versions of the HBO series will begin appearing on cable's TBS later this year

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imalittleinkblot said...

From what I've read, SJP is totally not into the idea of a movie. Thinks it might destroy the "integrity" of the ending they just showed.

I can't think what kind of stories it would tell now that the gurls are getting sort of settled. But, like a co-worker said, who cares. It'd be like the Star Trek movies -- mostly pointless, yet fans enjoy them.