Sunday, February 22, 2004

The finale of "Sex and the City." (Sob!) Part 1

  Lord. I really needed that extra napkin from the Wawa for tonight’s episode. I was sobbing away. Not sure what I think about Carrie winding up with “Big.” I just don’t think he is right for her or that he will make her happy in the long run. But heck, they look happy. And they are FICTIONAL characters, so I can’t really invest too much in this. But I do!

  Also, “Big’s” real name is John! Yikes. I have bad luck with “J” names. But as I said before, Carrie is a fictional character. Must stop identifying. Must stop identifying.

  The score on bra straps: one. The score on weird hats: one.

  “Maybe it’s time to be clear about who I am.” Go Carrie!

  Well, it did look as though Carrie was very glad to see Big when he walked into the hotel. And I enjoyed how they made the whole scene in the hallway to be humorous. Up till then, it was getting a bit heavy.

  “I think I am going to kick some Russian ass!” Hee Hee.

  The best line of the night went to Anthony as he walked into Chanel and bellowed “Chanello!” Hee Hee.

  Let’s see. The Carrie stuff. Having her meet Alex’s wife, Juliette, was FAScinating. Very revealing.

(Continued in Part 2...)

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