Sunday, February 22, 2004

The finale of "Sex and the City." Sob!

  (Continued from Part 1)

  I want to go to Paris. I want to eat pastries in Paris. But I will NOT wear stilettos in Paris. Truly, Carrie may have had a better time if she wore the proper footwear!

  I liked how they wrapped up Samanatha and Smith. Very touching and true. There should be MORE of Jason Lewis shirtless! More! More!

  Charlotte gets a Chinese baby! Yea! This is a sign that I should adopt a Chinese baby! The telelvision is talking to me and giving me signs!

  I really started crying at the scene with Magda and Miranda. (Although when I get married, I hope I don’t have to bathe my loony mother-in-law).

  Magda: “What you did, that is love.”

  Sob. And the show is over. Sob.

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ksqfan said...

Very nice review, KQ. I hope you don't have to bathe your loony mother-in-law either ...