Wednesday, September 1, 2004

ANOTHER Hurricane

Well, it looks like Florida will get hit AGAIN. The storm is supposed to hit the east coast of Florida sometime late Friday or early Saturday. It may pass over Orlando and my Mom's house AGAIN. My sister says they have supplies and water, etc., but I don't know if the roof can take it! And what about all the other people in Florida who are still homeless from Hurricane Charley? Oy.

My friends at the Palm Beach Post are on DefCon4. People are stocking up supplies and reporters are heading out to spots all over the east coast of Florida to try and ride out the storm. My friend Antigone lives in a mobile home and she and her cats have been ordered to evacuate by tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Jill and her friend were supposed to travel to Boca Raton on Thursday, but thankfully, they have cancelled their trip. Jill was in Florida on vacation when the state was on fire in 1998 and she does not need to be there for a hurricane.

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