Wednesday, March 2, 2005

The saga of my parking ticket in Hershey, PA

  Some of you may recall the spa weekend I took with my friends

at the Hershey Hotel in January. We were massaged, moisturized

and full of chocolate. Yum. As you may also recall, the mean

policeman gave me a ticket on the way to our Spa Weekend. Mean man!

  So I paid the ticket, which was $105.50. Alas, perhaps the shock

of the ticket caused me to make an error. I accidentally made out

my check for $105. No 50. This caused the municipal judge to send

BACK my check with a note. A mean note. About how I needed to

 pay or they would suspend my license.

   Hello. I HAD paid. I only owed them 50 cents. No, no.

It was not RIGHT. Mean, mean municipal judge.

  So I write out ANOTHER check. For the correct amount.

I underline the number 50 about a million times.

Yesterday, I get a letter in the mail telling me that my license

is about to be suspended for not paying the stupid ticket!

Which I have now paid twice!!!!


  So I call the mean municipal judge and get his mean secretary

on the phone. I explain that I HAVE paid my ticket. Twice.

She goes away. She comes back. Yes, she says. We did get your check.

All is fine. However they have not yet cashed it, according to my bank.

Will be worried till then.

  Perhaps I should pay again. But then I am sure THAT would be bad as well.

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