Thursday, March 24, 2005

Whitney Houston is back in rehab

What a surprise! I am truly, truly shocked!

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picture Whitney Back in Rehab

by Marcus Errico E!

Mar 23, 2005, 5:20 PM PT

Whitney Houston has a problem.

The "I Get So Emotional" diva's comeback from years of personal drama and a stalled musical career was seemingly derailed Wednesday, when her publicist confirmed that Houston has again checked into a treatment center.

"Whitney Houston has reentered a rehabilitation facility today," rep Nancy Seltzer said in a brief statement. No further details were given. Houston completed her first stint in rehab a year ago.

Seltzer's confirmation came hours after Access Hollywood broke the news that Houston was back in treatment.

Houston made headlines last month, when she was briefly hospitalized in Paris after becoming violently ill on a transatlantic flight for what Seltzer chalked up to a bad case of food poisoning. There's no indication that incident was related to Wednesday's disclosure.

For years Houston was dogged by drug rumors, which she adamantly denied. Then, in 2000, she was busted at Hawaii's Kona International Airport for trying to sneak a baggie of pot by airport screeners. A petty misdemeanor drug charge was subsequently dropped based on a drug counselor's evaluation that the Grammy winner did not need treatment for substance abuse.

In 2002, she admitted to Diane Sawyer that she had indeed experimented with an array of drugs--cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and pills--but proclaimed that the "party's over."

Houston first entered rehab in March 2004 to deal with a substance-abuse problem, but checked herself out after just five days. At the time, Seltzer insisted that all was well, and that Houston simply preferred to continue the program on an outpatient basis. She spent the next 30 days accompanied by a chaperone.

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