Wednesday, July 7, 2004

That's just wrong...

Here is my list of things that are just plain wrong. E-mail me at and I will add more to the list:

1) Parents who bring their children to Wal-Mart at midnight

2) Pantyliners to wear with thongs

3) Women who still wear stirrup pants from the '80s

4) The war in Iraq

5) Pineapple on pizza

From Bunkboy:

1)Parents who take their kids to the movies past 10 p.m.
2) Doctors who smoke cigarettes
3) Citrus-flavored toothpaste
4) Double-roll toilet paper, because it doesn't fit on my holder

From Tina:
1) When you go to the ladies room and there are 10 empty stalls and another woman comes in and INSISTS on using the stall right NEXT to you. That is wrong.

2) Women who have had numerous children and have rippled bellies yet insist on getting their navels pierced and showing the world in half tops.

3) Having an entire (loud) conversation on your cell phone in a restaurant,
on a commuter train, or anywhere else where others don't really want to hear
your business

4) Hair stylists whose own do's aren't quite up to snuff

5) Low fat/no carb junk food of any kind - kind of defeats the purpose - it
becomes "food" and no longer worthy of the "junk" description

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