Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Fun chick lit for summer reading

The Deptford library is now my new favorite hang-out (I know - I am soooo cool!) and I've come across some great beach reads this summer. I recommend:

1) Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot: This is the same author who wrote the sweet and funny Princess Diaries series for teens. But this book is definitely for grown-ups. It is the tale of a twentysomething human resources manager at a New York city newspaper. Her crazy boss, nicknamed the Tyrannical Office Despot, makes our heroine fire the beloved cafeteria cookie lady. The cookie lady then sues the newspaper for wrongful termination. Our heroine winds up giving a deposition and falls in love with the newspaper's cute lawyer. The best part about this book is that it is written entirely in e-mails, letters and journal entries. Now why didn't I think of that?

2) The Second Assistant. By Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare. Altruistic Yankee girl who loves movies takes a job in a talent agency in Hollywood. She is not the first assistant to the Ritalin- snorting top agent; she is his second assistant. Lots of back-biting and thinky veiled references to Hollywood celebs. A little too much inside lingo of Hollywood about deals and such, but I flew through this book whilst sitting on the Stone Harbor beach.

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