Monday, July 26, 2004

And then I passed out...

This morning, I passed out while getting a blood test. NOT FUN. I still feel woozy. Think I will skip going to the gym today.

Had to get a blood test to check my cholesterol. (I am olllllllllddddddd). Both my parents have high cholesterol so I know mine will still be high. It has been inching up there for a few years now.

So I go to the lab very hungry, cause I wasn't allowed to eat beforehand. The technician starts poking around my right arm and sounding irritated because I don't have a "good vein." (I guess this is why I am not a drug addict.) This starts making me nervous, but I try to stay calm. I have panic disorder but try not to let it rule my life.

Then she switches to my right arm and is still irritated about my "bad veins." So she sticks the needle IN MY ARM. Not in the crease. IN MY ARM. And MAN does it hurt. I start sweating. There is a rushing, roaring noise in my ears. I feel like I am going to hurl.

Whoomp. My head goes down on my left arm, on the chair. The needle is still in my right arm. I am not sure the tech has noticed that I have PASSED OUT. I come to and she is whining that not enough blood came out. Probably because I WAS UNCONSCIOUS!

I felt really, really sick. She takes the needle out. I put my head between my legs. I wonder if I will hurl. She tells me to lie down.

I do and feel a bit better. Another technician comes in. I think I have had her before when I got a blood test there. I am lying down with my eyes closed. She pricks my arm. WHAT? She is taking blood? I was not prepared. But you know what? It was over in a second. She filled up two vials, lickety split and was done! That was it.

Now I have two bandages on both my arms and look like some sort of clean-freak drug addict. But at least that is over. Not fun.

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bunkboy925 said...

For "bad veins," ask the tech to stick your hand. The bulging veins on top of your hand are usually pretty easy to hit. Tech's don't like this spot because it can cause some pain and you can't double-stick it. But, if they use a simple butterfly needle and a small cath tube, they can both ease the pain and take multiple vials in a brief time.
ERs, hospitals and nursing homes love this spot because they can basically 'stick and run' on unruly patients.