Sunday, July 25, 2004

George Clooney and socks

Two unrelated thoughts:

1) Tonight as I idly flipped the cable tv channels, the BEST possible scenario occurred: There were TWO George Clooney movies on at the same time!!! How exciting is that! So I flipped between "One Fine Day" in which George plays an irascible yet adorable divorced father who meets up with Michelle Pfeiffer when they accidentally mix up each others cell phones. He does that downward stare thing! He is kind to his daughter! He plays with a kitten! Aiiie. On another channel was "Three Kings," in which George plays an Army major in Iraq after the first Gulf War. He sets out to steal Kuwaiti gold and ends up saving refugees. He is kind to refugees! He wears a hot military uniform! Marky mark is also in the movie. Sigh.

2) Where do all the socks go? I now have a collection of seven unmatched socks, all white, but totally different styles. I put two socks IN the washer and dryer. Why don't two socks come out?

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