Thursday, July 29, 2004

Random thoughts about the Democratic Convention

These thoughts are purely random, as befits the name of this site:

1) Chris Heinz and his brother are both cute. Cuuuuuuute. However, neither one of them can dance. The camera caught them the other night trying to boogie and it was a sad, sad sight.

2) I want a president who can do CPR on hamsters. An unusual trait, but a good one to have.

3) Dang! Dan Rather is wacky! I was listening to him yammer on after Kerry's speech and Rather started commenting on how sweaty Kerry was. Then Rather was quoting from his old English teacher. About perspiration.

4) I liked Teresa Heinz' red dress. I did.

5) Did you know that John Kerry was in Vietnam? And wounded? Gosh, they have barely mentioned that AT ALL.

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