Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Should I do this? I like to write letters!

And I could get paid for it!

5PM Interactive and are seeking creative, fun-loving women to join us! If you're over 18, love to write and welcome the opportunity to earn extra cash, consider joining our site as an Imaginary Girlfriend.

All ages, races, shapes, sizes and manner of personal tastes are welcome. Whether you're naughty or nice, love romance or adventure, there's sure to be someone who would love to have you as an Imaginary Girlfriend.

We're looking for someone who can provide an authentic long-distance girlfriend experience with a minimum of actual interaction. This may require creativity or improv skills in some cases to ensure that the appearance of a real relationship is maintained. Of course no actual romantic relationships are involved and you will never be encouraged to be a real life girlfriend in any situation. Imaginary Girlfriends are just that -- imaginary!

Being an Imaginary Girlfriend can be a lot of fun and can earn you money too! You can be an Imaginary Girlfriend for several clients at once and have unlimited earning potential. We allow you to set your own prices for your services and benefit from our generous profit sharing program. You can earn $30 to $100 per Imaginary Relationship!

Billing issues and payment processing are handled by us, so all you have to do is be an Imaginary Girlfriend and cash your checks. Payments are made by check at the beginning of every month.

There is no fee to become an Imaginary Girlfriend or list your profile on our site!


bunkboy925 said...

Research it a bit first, but I remember reading about this before - nothing negative.

bunkboy925 said...

slightly different then your plan, but in the same realm...

HONG KONG (AP) -- She needs to be coddled with sweet talk and pampered with gifts, but you'll never see her in the flesh. A Hong Kong company has developed a "virtual girlfriend" for new cell phones with video capability.

Artificial Life Inc.'s electronic love interest - sort of a Tamagotchi for adults - will appear as an animated figure on a telephone screen and respond by voice to text messages you send.

But she'll require a lot of attention, involving virtual flowers and diamonds, company spokeswoman Ada Fong said. Though gifts are nothing but data, suitors will have to pay cold, hard cash.