Wednesday, August 18, 2004

After the storm

Hi there. I am writing this in the Seminole County library because my Mom's house STILL does not have power. That makes five days since it went off on Friday during the storm. Mom and I have been staying at motels. But Jenny and Kevin are staying in the house because they worry about all their cats. So far, the cats seem fine. They like the heat and are laying around on their backs.

Even though my previous entries make this whole experience seem fun, that was actually a bit of um, hysteria. The storm was PRETTY FREAKIN' SCARY! Picture the worst thunderstorm you have ever been in. Now picture that times 10, going on for two hours. That was the worst of the storm.

There are downed trees and power lines everywhere. It is really hot down here too. At my Mom's house, a tree fell right in the pool (Thank God it missed the house). So they had to haul that out and use the chainsaw to break it up. Then the pool was filled with leaves and branches. The roof has some damage too. Not sure how bad. It will take the claims adjuster a loooooong time to get out to her house.

But everyone is fine and that is all that matters.

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bunkboy925 said...

Whew. Thanks for filling us in; four days with no sign of Quigs was starting to worry me.
Glad, everybody is (relatively) fine and hope things return to normal soon.