Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Britney and Kevin to remake "My Prerogative"

How nice! They are following in the footsteps of Bobby Brown, a truly balanced individual! As well as Jennifer Lopez and her then-husband Chris Judd in a video. And Jennifer Lopez and her then-boyfriend, Puff Daddy, in another video. And of course, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in "Jenny from the Block." Yes, good luck to Britney and Kevin. I shall be watching.


Britney & Beau's Video Wedding
by Lia Haberman
Aug 24, 2004, 2:00 PM PT
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Britney Spears is immortalizing her hot 'n' heavy romance with Kevin Federline by putting him in her new video.

Federline, a backup dancer by trade, will star in the pop tart's new clip--a cover of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative." The track is one of two new-ish songs to be included on Spears' greatest hits album in stores Nov. 16.

(N.B., Britney: Bennifer commemorated its love in "Jenny From the Block" and look how that turned out.)

Scheduled to debut in early September, the video will feature Spears dressed in a wedding gown and walking down the aisle with Federline. According to People, she'll also be seen in her undies--after cutting off the straps of her wet dress with a kitchen knife because she's driven her car into a pool. (Don't you hate when that happens.)

Writing on Spears' official Website, her mom, Lynne, says the video is being shot at the historic Paramour estate in Los Angeles and will feature lots of close-ups, since the Britster's bum knee still hasn't completely healed. It will also be a family affair. As Lynne writes, "Please look for that good looking hunk of a son of mine in the video--he has a cameo right at the beginning."

Mama Spears has also been helping the young lovers shop for a new house ever since they returned from a "relaxing trip" to Lake Tahoe. (Rough life. Didn't they just return from an R&R retreat in Hawaii?)


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