Friday, August 13, 2004

In Orlando, waiting for the storm

Here I sit at a computer in the Hampton Inn's tiny business office. We are waiting for Hurricane Charley. The storm is supposed to come ashore near Sarasota or Tampa, then sweep across the state. We will probably get rain and wind here in Orlando.

I brought a flashlight and raincoat and purchased the following supplies from the 7-11: C2 soda, Diet Sprite, chicken salad sandwich, popcorn, hard boiled eggs, milk, OJ, cinnamom toast crunch. (There is a little fridge in my room). I COULD go over to Mom's but then I would be trapped with all the cats. So I would be riding out the storm whilst wheezing.

This motel is sold out with evacuees from Tampa and the west coast of Flordia. My plane got in REALLY late last night because of weather delays, so I didn't wake up in time to get the Hampton Inn's free breakfast. Instead, I walked to the Waffle House. The restaurant is the kind of place where you seat yourself and when someone compliments the chef, the waitresses yell: "Compliments to the chef. Surprise!!"

Sarah was my waitress. Very funny. Missing a tooth. Oh well. Called everyone "honey" or "boo boo." The couple next to me had a coupon for $7.50 but forged a 1 onto it to make it $17.50. Then they ordered steak and eggs. Then they said they couldn't pay the bill because the manager wouldn't take the $17.50 coupon.

I ordered scambled eggs and hash browns "capped" (with mushrooms) and "diced (with tomoto). I also could have had them "smothered" (with cheese) and something to do with picante sauce. And they gave me a choice of raisin toast! Yum!

Right now it is cloudy and the sky looks weird. The local tv people are going crazy, of course. They have all done the "Stocking up on supplies at the supermarket and Home Depot" story. I myself have done that story numerous times. Will keep you posted as long as there is power.

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