Friday, August 13, 2004

My governor is gay. Is yours?

Not that there is anything wrong with that.......

Well! So I was home yesterday afternoon, watchin "Oprah" and waititng to go to the airport when the news broke in. With, of course, "Breaking News." About Gov. Jim McGreevey. All hush hush and weird.

And then there he was, talking about "feelings" and "confusion" and "identity" and I thought, "Oh no. I know where this is heading." Then he says he had an affair with a man (while his wife stood next to him, smiling tightly) and that he is a "gay American."

I almost fell off my couch.

The BEST was watching the Philadelphia news anchors try to spin and explain the whole thing after McGreevey got done talking. They were sort of grasping for words. So they kept quoting McGreevey. "The governor said he is a gay American."

Turns out these rumors had been going on for years and now we find out he paid his boyfriend more than $100,000 to work for him. And WHY drag his two wives and two daughters into his confusion? Oy.

I can't wait till we have an out, gay governor, and it is not a big deal and no one feels it necessary to create this double life.

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