Friday, June 18, 2004

My sister's life-long obsession with the musical "Annie" is finally getting her some press!

Let me just say, there were many, many years of listening to "It's A Hard Knock Life" when we were growing up. Many, many, many,

Festive SMT celebration marks 'Annie' opener


Last update: 18 June 2004

Enthusiastic audience members made their appreciation known at the opening night of Seaside Music Theater's production of "Annie" on Friday.

There was applause, some whistling and a hoot or two as they cheered the sponsors, sets, performers, musicians and, of course, the dog -- Sandy. And when it was all over they stood and vigorously continued to voice their gratitude. Then many of those in the "standing room only" crowd took their ebullience with them to an opening night party at the Hilton Garden Inn near the airport. Martin Charnin, the creator of "Annie" for the Broadway stage, was the host at the post-theater poolside festivities. Martin, as you probably know by now, was here from New York for the kickoff of Seaside's summer season, which included being the honored guest at a benefit dinner on Thursday. The Broadway legend was the lyricist and director of the original Broadway musical, and Friday's production was the first time he had seen an "Annie," which he didn't direct. He said the experience was "thrilling and terrifying at the same time." Once it was over, he handed out kudos and signed an abundance of autographs.... Shelly Burch came from Orlando to attend the opening at Martin's invitation. Shelly was in "Annie" on Broadway for two years, playing the role of Star to Be, who has a solo in the song "N.Y.C.," before moving to the part of Lily St. Regis. Martin is credited with discovering Shelly, who went on to play Claudia opposite Raul Julia in the original Broadway production of "Nine" and performed in "Stop the World I Want to Get Off" with Sammy Davis Jr. ....

Jennifer Quigley and her husband, Kevin Little, also were here from Orlando for the show. They are "Annie" groupies, and Jennifer has seen the show about 18 times. She first saw it 25 years ago in Philadelphia and has been in the Broadway audience three times. Jennifer, who learned of the Seaside production on the Internet, thought the show ranked right up there with the best she'd ever seen.

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bunkboy925 said...

A lawyer, a journalist and an Annie-obsesser... sounds like the tag on a really bad joke.