Saturday, June 26, 2004

My review of "Fahrenheit 911"

Hey all. I saw "Fahrenheit 911" last night in New York City with my friend Lisa and two of her work pals. Here it is the next day and I am still thinking about the movie. It's everything the hype says it is. But here is the thing - if you like George Bush, you will think the movie is full of twisted truth and cheap shots. I f you hate George Bush, you will hate him even more. I am not sure how many on-the-fence voters will be influenced by this movie. I hope some.

It was cool and also sad, seeing the movie in NYC. The theater was huge and sold out. The crowd clapped a lot, especially at the end, and made lots of comments to the screen. The saddest part of the movie is the section about 9/11. The movie handles it well. You don't see the planes hit the World Trade Center, but you hear it. And you hear the screams and the sound of the Twin Towers collapsing. It was dead silent in the theater for that part. It felt like everyone was holding their breath and maybe saying a quick prayer.

As a journalist, I have to be fair and objective in my work. And I am. For instance, I am opposed to the death penalty but I have written numerous stories about defendants who got sentenced to death and you would not detect my bias. As a professional, I could meet George W. Bush tomorrow and write a straight piece about it. As a Democrat, I hate him more and more and can't even stand to hear anything he says on the radio or tv. It is all such a joke.

So yes, I liked the movie and urge everyone to see it. There is some justified criticism of the movie. For instance, it had a more slap-dash feel to it than "Bowling for Columbine." I felt this one was a bit more rushed in how it was put together.

The first section of the movie is all about the Bush family's ties to the Saudi Royals and their billions. The movie makes a case that the U.S. wasn't really trying all that hard to find Bin Laden and doesn't intend to find him. Saddam and Iraq were always the targets and money is the key. This part of the movie is a bit confusing and I wanted to know where Michael Moore got each bit of information. I know it is well-sourced but his argument skipped around a bit.

The second part of the movie focuses more on people - Moore's strength. He profiles peace activists, soldiers, Iraqi civilians and the mother of an American soldier who died in Iraq. They make the point - that this war is stupid and evil - much better than Moore does in his voiceovers.

Other strong points involve interviews with the American soldiers in Iraq. They are all so young! Our freedom is being defended by 18-year-olds!!! I have always supported the troops and always will. But it is a tragedy that so many of them lost their lives for a war that's entire premise was based on lies. Lies, lies. Lies.

Here is another interesting point of the movie - that the Bush administration is basically scaring us silly for no good reason. All the terror warnings are just a way to keep us on edge. Worked for me! But I don't think it will anymore.

As for cheap shots, yes, a lot are made at George W. Bush's expense. But it doesn't help that W. is such a freakin' moron to begin with. This movie made me really, really angry and that is a good thing.

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