Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney...

By Rachel F. Elson

Courtney Love Arrives Five Hours Late for Court


Love was scolded by a judge who said her lateness was grounds for arrest.

Perhaps Courtney Love needs a new watch. The rocker and actress turned up more than five hours late Monday for a Manhattan court date, earning her a strict scolding from the judge.

"I was on the verge of ordering a bench warrant for your arrest," Judge Melissa Jackson told her, according to Court TV.

Love, 39, who faces assault and reckless endangerment charges for allegedly whacking a fan with a microphone stand during a March concert in an East Village nightclub, was due in court at 9:30 a.m. Instead, the former Hole singer sauntered in at almost 3 p.m. -- wearing pink spike heels, a low-cut pink dress and smudged, glittery eye makeup.

"Three o'clock is not acceptable," added Jackson, who set Love's next hearing date for Sept. 7. "The rules apply to you the same as everyone else, do you understand?"

Love pleaded not guilty to the charges in May. She also faces three separate cases in California -- one felony and one misdemeanor drug charge, and an assault charge stemming from her alleged attack on another woman whom Love found curled up on the couch at Love's ex-boyfriend's home.

After arriving in court Monday, the former Hole singer sat in the gallery, offering cigarettes to two other defendants and gesturing to the courtroom sketch artist about the size of her nose, according to published reports.

On her way out of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse on Friday, Love smiled for the crowd and linked her arm with that of her lawyer, Scott Tulman, to descend the steps.

"You like my lawyer?" she said, "He's cute, huh?"

Love also buttonholed a New York Post columnist and said she was pregnant -- but later reversed course. "I'm pregnant!" she claimed first, then turned coy: "Let me put it this way -- I have to quit smoking," she told Andrea Peyser. Shortly afterward, though, Love denied the entire thing. "If you put that in, Andrea, I didn't tell you! ... I didn't tell you because it's not true. Deny! Deny!"

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