Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Jennifer Lopez might be pregnant

(Just an aside: There is no way Jennifer Lopez can be considered a "strict Catholic." Um, no.)


New York Post


JENNIFER Lopez was in such a hurry to marry Marc Anthony because she has a baby on the way, sources say.

A guest at Saturday's quickie surprise wedding told our source that Lopez, called "Lola" by her bridegroom, is pregnant. Another friend confirmed that La Lopez has been telling close pals she's expecting.

Other sources told PAGE SIX, which broke the news of the Lopez-Anthony engagement last month, that she's been very careful not to show any cleavage (a heaving bust line gave away Gwyneth Paltrow's pregnancy) and has been wearing loose clothing.

Lopez's business manager, Simon Fields, hemmed and hawed before declining comment on whether she is pregnant.

And one thing is for sure: when "Monster In Law" is done filming, the workaholic Lopez has a free and clear schedule. J.Lo, who is usually working simultaneously on a movie, an album and her clothing line, has nothing on the books — leaving plenty of time for bed rest, which is just what her obstetrician would prescribe.

Fields said: "There are some scripts we are looking at right now, but nothing is set yet. She has no plans."

Pregnancy would explain her quickie wedding to Anthony, who had obtained a quickie divorce just four days earlier from his ex-wife (and mother of his two kids) Dayanara Torres.

Lopez, a strict Catholic, is not about to have a child out of wedlock, and has made no secret in the past year about wanting to start a family.

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kmgnavy said...

I was going to tell you that apparently on the Today Show this morning, Marc Anthony refused to confirm that they married!  He said his private life is private and that he was not going to discuss it.  Um, well then, don't do THE TODAY SHOW in front on millions of people the week after you "supposedly" got married to JLo!  Oh, and I guess if she is pregnant, the baby can hang with his younger kid with the now exwife.  Boy, I bet Xmas will be fun at their houses this year!!