Thursday, January 15, 2004

New Year's Eve with a Boy Band and SlipGirl

Hello all and Happy New Year!
  I spent an interesting New Year's Eve with my friend, Michael of the band Natural. He invited me to attend Lou Pearlman's swanky party at Church Street Station in Orlando.

Anyway, Lou is managing Michael's band now.Okay, for those of you who know, I met Michael in 1998 when we both appeared in a production of "George M" at the Bay Street Players in Eustis, FL. He and I stayed in touch, even after he became a member of a band and had to change his name to "J" because there was already a kid named Michael in the band.

  Natural has a single out and it is #3 on the Billboard list of singles. Last week I was visiting Mom and Jenny in Orlando (and Kevin and the cats). Michael and I went to the movies and he asked me to go to this party. His mom was also going and his longtime friend, Emily.  I swung into action. I purchased a long, black skirt and sparkly top at....Sears! And it was on sale for 40 percent off! I also got these cool black shoes with see-through Cinderella heels. I paired that ensemble with a silk red scarf Judy gave me for Christmas. I looked HOT if I do so myself. 

 I met Michael at the ballroom and walked in with him to see about 300 to 400 people inside. There were centerpieces of roses and sparkly silver string. Michael went off to shmooze and I entertained myself by eating hors d'oeuvres (yummy scallops, icky beef Wellington that I had to spit out) Drank beer. Drank champagne. One bartender was making cappuccinos. Chatted with Michael's mom. Chatted with Emily, who is also a singer. There was a tap dancer. I don't know why....(To be continued in Part 2)

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