Thursday, January 15, 2004

Ah! College life in the fall!

(Written on 10/30/03) Fall is here in South Jersey and with it comes leaves falling from trees, long sleeve shirts and the occassional tornado which whacks people on their heads. The latter happened during a freak storm on Monday in which a 77-year-old woman who had just joined a bowling league, was walking to her car when a small tornado whirled by and whacked a tree branch into the back of her head. See? And people wonder why I have anxiety. You're walking along, excited about bowling, and suddenly you are thwacked with a tree branch.
Anyhoo, I just looked in the hallwayat school here and every student is either reading the campus newspaper or the humor magazine. Last spring, Venue garnered notice for publishing explicit instructions about how to perform oral sex, with some interesting hand-drawn pictures.
This issue of Venue includes new drinking games to movies, such as: Schindler's List and Citizen Kane. Of course, as Sister Monica Marie, I know they will all go to hell for playing "Drinking Schindler's List," but it is rather funny. Here are some of the instructions:
* Drink anytime someone is shot.
* Drink anytime you see a train.
For "Drinking Citizen Kane," participants drink anytime there is a flash-back or flash-forward and chug when anyone says "Rosebud."
In other news, last night the students put out another issue of The Whit with only a modicum of drama and whining (from them, not me). During the evening, we got to hear the Homecoming King and Queen pageant downstairs in the Student Center. I observed from the balcony above.
Before the pageant, a bunch of sorority girls who were contestants, gathered with their friends to hug and touch each other's hair.
"Oh my God! I am so nervous!" one squealed.
"Just don't think about it. Don't think about it!" she was counseled.
"Do you think I should wear my hair forward (flip) or back (flip)?" she asked.
I left before this important decision was made.
For the contest, the women wore suits, then dresses and then there was dancing (not from the contestants, from one of the groups on campus).So anyway, all the female contestants were wearing strapless or sleeveless formal gowns. What happened to sleeves? Why is this generation scared of them? Sleeves are good. Sleeves keep you warm. Sleeves allow you to wear a bra.
Anyway, two students with shiny straight teeth won the pageant and were named Homecoming King and Queen. La!

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