Monday, January 26, 2004

Golden Globe Awards. Part 1

8 p.m.

  The show starts. No weird musical numbers or guest hosts for the Golden Globes. Just right down to business.  Meryl Streep has nice flippy hair as she presents the Best Supporting Actor award.

  “I’ve never opened an envelope before,” Meryl says. Um, never?

  The award goes to Tim Robbins for “Mystic River" who tells us that “the good thing about coming early is that I get to drink now.” 

  Renee Zellweger wins for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie for “Cold Mountain.” Yea! I loved Renee in that movie. And she looks nice and curvy, with boobs-a-plenty because of her role in the next “Bridget Jones” movie. Guess who Renee beats out? Maria Bello, with whom I went to Villanova University and of whom I am exceedingly jealous.

   Some more awards. La la. Best Miniseries goes to “Angels in America,” the drama about AIDS and angels. I tried to like that show but it got on my nerves a bit, especially when Mary-Louise Parker disappeared into the fridge. Meryl Streep wins Best Actress in  Miniseries and tells America that “I just realized you can see completely through my dress.”



bunkboy925 said...

The Cure and New Order - in one night? Was it 80s flashback night, or what? I knew there was a reason I identified with you so much - I just didn't realize it was because of an appreciation for gloomy, dark, angst-ridden songs, set to poppy guitar riffs and computerized tech beats.

ksqwrite said...

I was listening to all that '80s music at once on Radio AOL. It is a great thing. You pick your favorite channel (i.e. '80s alternative) and they play all these cool songs, one after the other!