Saturday, February 26, 2005

Why are so many serial killers creepy white guys?  BTK suspect was dogcatcher, church leader; 59-year-old Kansan accused of killing 10

Posted: 9:24 PM EST (0224 GMT)

vert.rader.ap.jpg Dennis Rader of Park City, Kansas, is a suspect in the killings of 10 people since 1974.

 WICHITA, Kansas (CNN) -- The man whom Wichita authorities arrested in the area's notorious BTK serial killings lived an unremarkable life as dogcatcher for suburban Park City, one-time president of a Lutheran church and father of two, according to media reports.

Even the capture of Dennis Rader on Friday was undramatic. He was arrested without incident shortly after noon Friday during a traffic stop in Park City, just north of Wichita, police said.

Police plan to file 10 counts against Rader, 59, in connection with the killings between 1974 and 1991 -- eight counts of first-degree murder and two other homicide charges -- Lt. Ken Landwehr, commander of the task force investigating the case, and Sedgwick County Sheriff Gary Steed said Saturday. (BTK-related killings)

None of the charges have yet been filed with Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston.

Initially only eight killings were linked to BTK, but Steed said police will file homicide charges for the previously unsolved killings of two Park City women: Marine Hedge in April 1985 and Dolores Davis in January 1991.

In letters to the police and media, the killer called himself BTK, for "bind, torture and kill," a pattern he has followed with most of his victims.

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