Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My friend Kent is quoted in the same article as Paris Hilton

My friend Kent is quoted in the NY Daily News about Paris Hilton. And I know Maki who wrote the article! It is all three degrees of separation in the journalism world.

Paris is burning in cell hell

Poor Paris Hilton.

The super-rich hotel heiress is distraught that her pals' phone numbers and tawdry text messages were swiped and spilled all over the Internet by computer hackers.

"I don't know why this stuff always happens to me, but I wish it wouldn't anymore," the vampy 24-year-old told Us Weekly in her first interview since her cell phone was breached.

"It's too upsetting for me - I can't believe it," she said from a beachfront hotel in Aruba where she is vacationing with her new boyfriend, Paris Latsis. (Yes, his first name also is Paris!)

Not only was her entire address book from her T-Mobile Sidekick II posted on several Web sites, the hackers also accessed naughty photos of Hilton, including a topless shot of her making out with MTV Latin America veejay Eglantina Zingg, Us reports.

"We were joking around," Hilton told an Us reporter of the racy shot.

"It wasn't sexual!" she insisted. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Hilton got the bad news about the Sidekick break-in from younger sister Nicky on Sunday and says she's sorry troublemakers have been using her phone book to prank call her celeb pals since then.

"I want to apologize to all my friends and family," Hilton told Us. Most of all, Paris said she feels "horrible that, once again, someone has invaded my privacy."

Her most famous invasion is well known by now - the very embarrassing release in 2003 of a video of her XXX-rated sex romp with former boyfriend, Rick Salomon.

Plus last summer, someone broke into Paris and Nicky's home in the Hollywood Hills and apparently made off with tapes of Paris with another beau, Nick Carter. That tape has not surfaced - yet.

Carter was among those whose phones have rung off the hook. And hip-hopper Lil Jon told Us he's been getting calls from people yelling his trademark, "Yeah!"

"I got 100 calls in two hours," Victoria Gotti told the Daily News on Sunday. "This went on all night!"

At least one celeb said he was upset he hasn't gotten any calls - because his number wasn't in Paris' digital phone book.

"I've given her my number thousands of times," talk show host and MTV veteran Carson Daly told Us. "She never puts it in her damn Sidekick!"

The makers of the device, which Paris has pitched for T-Mobile in several television ads, say their "computer forensics and security team" are still investigating but haven't ruled out that someone had access to her device and her password.

Court records show that T-Mobile's system was hacked last year by a Santa Ana, Calif., man who downloaded information about hundreds of people, including Hilton and even a Secret Service agent.

It's unclear if that incident was connected to this one.

While there's not much a consumer can do about hackers invading a company, wireless technology experts offered some tips:

  • Password protect every level of cell phones and hand-held devices, from the keyboard to address book, suggests Kent German, associate editor of technology-themed

  • Don't put credit card numbers on the devices - ever.

  • Delete any sensitive text messages.

  • It's a bad idea to use a cell phone cam to take nudie pictures.

    Originally published on February 23, 2005
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