Wednesday, January 5, 2005


So my sister Jenny has pneumonia. In her left lung. Mom thought her cough sounded "weird" and sent her to the doctor. Mom was right! How do they know those things? Jenny is home and feels punky, but she is okay. I asked if I should come down to keen and wail at her bedside and pray for her. She said "nah."

"I have the walking kind," she said, "not the dying kind."

Meanwhile, some prayers ARE needed for my friend, Tim. He ALSO has pneumonia, but in two lungs and is in the ICU. This is complicated by the fact that Tim has Devic's Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder.

I have written about Tim before and his struggle with this illness.

Right now he is in the ICU of a Washington hospital. His wife, Judy, said he is doing okay, considering. They have all been through much worse. So think good thoughts and everyone take your Vitamin C.

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