Sunday, December 5, 2004

This weekend...

...I spent hours grading students' papers. Ah, the end of the semester. It is 10:35 p.m. and I still have seven more papers to get through tonight.

  I have read so many mixed metaphors, fuzzy details and bad punctuation that my eyes are about to fall out. One student even started her article with the dreaded phrase: "Webster's dictionary defines." AHHHHHHHH!

  But I did take a break this afternoon to go to the Sketch Club Players performance of "A Taffetas Christmas."

  My friend Mary Kate played "Peggy," a dippy performer who can sing in pig latin, among other talents. If anyone lives near Woodbury, NJ, go check out the show.

   I probably won't do any community theater until this summer when I will try out for the Neil Simon play, "Rumors."

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