Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More blood tests

Had more blood tests today. To check my cholesterol and more to check for celiac disease cause I see that doctor on Friday. Apparently, checking for celiac disease involves draining a quart of blood from my body.

I couldn't eat before the test so that was lots of fun. NOT! I got to the blood place and I THINK I had the lady who made me pass out before, but I wasn't sure so I said: "I am a hard stick. I passed out last time. I will be doing this lying down here on this cot."

She is thwapping my arm for a vein. So I say, "If you can't get one, forget it and we will try another day." But no, she felt obliged to soldier on. She found a vein.

Meanwhile, she lined up a series of empty tubes on my tummy. "I am just going to lay these here," she said. Um, sure, I guess. My tummy is now a table.

It was taking FOREVER. I think she is almost done. Then she says, "Two more" and picks up a vial off my tummy/table.

"It is coming out really slow," she said. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE. Now SHUT UP.

Finally was all over and I got orange juice and a hot ham and cheese at the Wawa.

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bunkboy925 said...

I once passed out in a "draw room" at my local lab. Reports from my wife and the phlebotomist on scene say that it took five tries before they could find a smelling salt packet that wasn't dried out.
Vampires are fun, aren't they?