Monday, December 13, 2004

My review of "Ocean's Twelve"

Well, I loved it, of course. George looked sooooooooo nice. But I must say, and I think George would agree with me, that this is really Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones' movie. The main plot really revolves around them. But that is okay, because Brad looks nice and buff, with cool short hair and silky shirts. Oh my!

Of course, I still love George most. A funny running gag in the movie is that everyone thinks he is older than he is.

The plot is all twisty-turny and I lost the thread several times. But who cares. This will make it more fun the next time I see the movie.

Europe looks wonderful in the movie. Must win the lottery so I can go to Rome and Amsterdam and London and Paris.


bunkboy925 said...

Amsterdam is a much cheaper destination than you might first suspect. Once you get into the city, use it as a hub for exploring other parts of Europe. Get a month-long EuroPass for the rail system, book a few overnight cars and ride the rails to your destinations.

ksqwrite said...

And what ELSE did you do in Amsterdam? Oh I forgot. You are a respectable family man now.