Friday, October 1, 2004

Presidential Debate

Did you watch? At least some of it? I hope so.

I listened to the first part of the radio in my car, while I also screamed at the radio in my car whenver Bush said something that made me mental, which was often, Sounded like he was becoming a Mr. Cranky Pants toward the end of the debate.

Kerry did well, I thought. Held his own. Very forceful in his opinions. Hopped right on Bush' gaffe when Bush said "we were attacked" so that is why we invaded Iraq. Whaaah? That would be Al-Qeada who attacked us, Kerry pointed out.

Not sure what I thought about Bush giving shout-outs to Kerry's daughters and suddenly being all nice and "yo bro, we both went to Yale so you are cool.) Hmm.

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