Sunday, February 12, 2006

Someone needs to keep Dick Cheney away from weapons

So that he can't do any more harm! Bizarre news today that our Vice President was hunting over the weekend and accidentally shot his friend. Who is 78. They were hunting quail. How could DC confuse a man with a quail? It wasn't DAN Quayle.

The friend got shot and goes to the hospital. He is apparently okay. And this story stays under wraps for A WHOLE DAY. Because why should we, the American people, EVER need to  know that our VP accidentally SHOOTS people?!? No, we don't need to know that!

Cheney needs to be kept AWAY from weapons. Of any kind. Weapons of mass destruction, shotguns, water guns. Whatever.

All I can imagine is the furor that would have been created if Al Gore had shot someone accidentally. Gore would have been impeached.


Here is a really BLUNT column about the whole thing. And the latest news is that the guy Cheney shot (who is 78) suffered a mild heart attack when some of the birdshot moved to his heart. Oh boy.

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