Friday, February 3, 2006

Robert Scorpio is back on "General Hospital!"

Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) is back in Port Charles. This is very exciting news! Almost as exciting as when Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield) returned last month! In the 1980s, my teenage friends and I were HUGE fans of GH. That is what we called it - GH. That was in the heyday of Luke and Laura, Robert and Anna, Noah and Bobbi. Sigh.

When I was 14 years old and a freshman in high school, the wedding of Luke and Laura was THE most important thing in my life. The actors were on all the magazines and the wedding was covered with almost as much pomp as the nuptials of hapless Princess Diana to Prince Charles.

The other day, I was watching GH on the Soap Network, trying to follow some story line about Luke, on an island, with a monkey. (I started watching GH again in December when Noah returned, as an alcoholic, with a son, who needs a liver transplant. Noah, not the son.)

All of a sudden - there was Robert Scorpio! Now it turns out that the monkey is the carrier of some Dread Disease. Already, characters are being infected! The only one who might be able to stop the Dread Disease is Robert Scorpio! (Why am I writing in exclamation marks?!)

I tried to follow along yesterday as Robert had to explain to his daughter, Robin (the HIV-infected doctor) that he, Robert, had NOT died in a boat explosion. The explanation was soooooooo GH. See, no one saw the boat explode. And he wasn't really dead. He and Anna were agents for the WSB and Anna was going to be "black-boxed," which apparently, is a BAD thing. And the WSB blackmailed Robert, saying they would hurt Anna and Robin. So Robert became a covert agent and killed people for 11 years. And then he took a job with the Medical Rescue Association, where he is now on the trail of the Dread Disease, spread by the monkey.


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