Sunday, February 12, 2006


It is snowing lots and lots here in RandomReality land. Predictions are for up to 12 inches of snow. Here on the East Coast, that is a HUGE news story.

Right now, it is nice and quiet outside my window as I type. No car traffic. No airplane traffic up above. Everything is quiet and muffled and peaceful.

Oh wait! We are having Thunder Snow! Yep. It is snowing and there was just a large crack of thunder. Wow.

I got sucked into the "pre-snow" mania and found myself at the Walgreen's drugstore this morning. It was crazy, CRAZY, I tell you! People were grabbing milk, bread and toilet paper as if they were about to go underground to a bunker for five years. But I can't mock too much, because I bought bread, milk and toilet paper, too. I just won't use them all at the same time. At least not simultaneously.

In other news, RandomReality celebrates her birthday this weekend. I will be 29. Again.

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