Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

RandomReality, its staff and management, wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Here are my wishes for 2006:

* Peace on earth (of course)

* My personal wish, which many of you know about

* Happiness and health to all my friends and family

* Katie Holmes comes to her senses

* Katie Holmes and Brooke Shields become best friends

* Britney Spears comes to her senses

* Britney Spears stops going into gas station bathrooms in her bare feet

* Brad Pitt starts wearing a vial of Angelina Jolie's blood around his neck as a symbol of his love for her

* Bono never stops campaigning for Africa and social justice because U2 fans do NOT find it dull

* Low fat cheese tastes better

* C2 cola overtakes Coke Zero in wild popularity so that I do not have to go on reconnaissance missions to find C2

* I meet George Clooney (of course)

* My students pick up and read an actual newspaper once in a while

And add your own below...



1 comment:

bunkboy925 said...

EVERYBODY picks up and reads a newspaper EVERYDAY.

The American public realizes that "the media" doesn't exist as a single entity and is not "in cahoots" to bring down the President.

Hollywood stops making movies and TV portraying men as bumbling idiots preparing only to make their next mistake or screw up their wives/childrens lives.

You all enjoy yourselves.