Thursday, December 1, 2005

Don't forget Rick Springfield will be back on GH!

My eighth-grade Fantasy Boyfriend, Rick Springfield, will be back on "General Hospital" tomorrow for four shows! He will do brain surgery! However, his character, Dr. Noah Drake, is also a drunk! So that will be tricky. Remember to watch!

Here is some background from AOL News:

Mr. Springfield, who lives in Los Angeles, was receptive to the offer. "I got a call from my agent one day, saying, 'Would you be interested in recreating your role for four days on 'General Hospital?' " he said. "I'm busy enough that I don't need to go back to work there, but I enjoy acting, and it certainly would work within what I want to do with music."

He began shooting his episodes at the beginning of November. The plot: Dr. Drake, who left Port Charles to become a neurosurgeon in Atlanta, is urgently needed at General Hospital to operate on a patient with severe brain damage. Unfortunately, Dr. Drake is less sober than he once was. "Things haven't gone well for Noah," Mr. Springfield said with a laugh.

The four days have turned into a longer storyline. "I think we all need to see how it pans out," Mr. Springfield said. "No one's going, 'Where do I sign?' or 'We're done.' "

And how does it feel to be back? "It's freaky," he said.

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