Friday, November 4, 2005

London paper says Clooney involved in alley spat

This just in from faithful reader, Joe D. of Alaska. It is a link to a story from a London newspaper about how my Fantasy Boyfriend, George Clooney, was penned in by the paparazzi and felt that the security at a London nightclub may have been, um, inadequate. I think George was provoked!!!!!!

7:46 p.m.

Aha! George Clooney is emphatically DENYING that this story took place!!!


higherrube said...

Clearly a staged stunt to garner attention for his latest flick. Who can trust this man? No one! He was raised by jackals, suckling from the broadcast teat. He should be cast out, as Cain was, to roam the land beholden to no man or woman, marked and friendless.

ksqwrite said...

Blasphemy! You are a cur, sir, and I challenge you to a duel!!!