Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Judith Miller retires from the NY Times

You all know that I totally supported her cause over the summer - her opposition to the federal government compelling her to testify about her source, for an article she never even wrote. I wrote her in prison and everything.

But I also must say that I think it is time for her to be going from the New York Times.


higherrube said...

Check out the WP story on Dame Judith. Blistering. Blistering. Makes me glad I didn't stand up that day in silent protest.

ksqwrite said...

I just watched Judith Miller on "Larry King." She was quite chipper. Talked about her book editor, who is named Bunky or Binky or something. Then she said that she was "glad Mayor Bloomberg got re-elected." WHA????? Yup. She said that. Glad she can "express her opinion now." I'm sorry - is she or is she not still a JOURNALIST???????????

higherrube said...

And took no questions from callers, right? I don't watch Larry King on principle.