Saturday, June 11, 2005

Plans progressing for Live8 in Philadelphia

I am determined to attend this show, since I missed Live Aid in 1985. Who is coming with me? We will be sweaty and crowded. Come on! It will be fun! My sister's friend Phyllis has offered her apartment and workplace as air-conditioned places to pee.

Philadelphia is preparing for the crazy July 4 weekend that also includes a pre-scheduled Elton John concert. I am definitely going to have to drive into Northeast Philadelphia and park at my Dad's in order to even get into the city.

Limits for Live 8

Inquirer Staff Writer

In anticipation of the massive crowd expected to be drawn by the Live 8 concert, city police have decided to close a broad swath of central Philadelphia to traffic.

Officials have tentatively staked out a no-car zone for the concert, bounded by Market Street, Fairmount Avenue, 15th Street and 23d Street, according to a memo sent Thursday by Capt. Dennis Cullen, commander of the Ninth Police District.

Although residents with identification will be permitted to enter the no-car zone, and deliveries to businesses and homes will be allowed, Cullen said, other drivers looking to travel through the area on July 2 will be taking the long way around.

Police this week began advising neighborhood groups of the traffic restrictions, which are intended to keep streets open for emergency vehicles.

(Read the whole article by clicking on the link above.)

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