Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I am sunburned

Hello readers. RandomReality has returned from a sojourn to the Jersey shore where we were rested by ocean breezes and sated by chocolate chip pancakes. Oh and got sunburned.

I/we went to the beach to sit and read for 40 minutes yesterday. There was a good breeze and it wasn't too hot so I/we did not put on sunscreen. I was only there for 40 minutes! Now I am bright red on my shoulders and arms. However, the red is broken up by stripes of white where my sleeveless top was. So now I look like a barber pole. Lovely. Have been coating myself in aloe.

While we were away, RandomReality read much about the engagement of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, aka "TomKat." It has only been seven weeks, people? What is the rush?

Katie, run away. Far away. I know he is Tom Cruise, but have you heard how he sounds when he laughs lately? It is FAR too hearty. And according to both People magazine and the New York Post, a Scientology "assistant" is now following Katie wherever she goes. Uh oh.

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