Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Questions about the television show "24"

I started watching "24" this season for the first time and am sucked into the world of CTU and Agent Jack Bauer. However, as each episode progresses, I find I have more questions. These go beyong the obvious of "when do these people eat, drink and go to the bathroom." Instead, I wonder:

1) How come Jack's cell phone ALWAYS works and he NEVER loses the signal or gets in a bad cell area?

2) How come Bad Guys can't listen in on all his cell phone calls? I thought that was pretty easy to do?

3) Why is there only one surgeon in all of CTU?

4) Why does everyone speak in low tones?

5) Who designed CTU? It looks like warehouse.

6) Why does Jack have to do EVERYTHING?

7) How come no one ever gets stuck in traffic? This is L.A. after all?

8) Does EVERY character on the show have serious mental health issues?

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