Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My ranting letter to the cable company

(Who wants to bet that the Cable Guy actually is using my old cable box? And he is using it to watch porn.)

Random Reality
May 24, 2005

TO: Large Cable Company 

Research Department

  This letter is in reference to the $489.94 fee that was charged to me in error on my Large Cable Company Account account. I recently moved into a new apartment (in the same complex) and on April 25 at 9 a.m., my cable was installed in the new apartment. My old apartment was TKTKTKTTK. At both the old and new apartments, I had Digital Cable with HBO on the Digital Silver Package Promotion.
  When Installer X arrived at my new apartment on April 25, he told me he had to take my old Digital Cable box and give me a new one. I asked why I couldn't just keep the old box, since it was working fine. He said he was told to give me a new box.
  Installer X hooked up my cable. Then he told me that his orders did not mention the old cable box on my bill. He suggested I keep the old box. This sounded fishy to me. I told him I only wanted Digital Cable on ONE of my TV sets, since I was trying to keep costs low. At my old apartment, I only had Digital Cable on the one set.
  Installer X mentioned again that he only had paperwork for one box. I told him I did NOT want to be charged for anything I had not ordered, and I did NOT want a second Digital Cable box. I thought his suggestion was odd, but had a lot of unpacking to do and was busy.
  He took my old Digital Cable box away. Where did that box go? I have no idea. He took it with him. There is only one, yes one, Digital Cable box in my apartment. The second TV is hooked up to basic cable. You can come and look.
  Yesterday, I received my bill and nearly had a heart attack when it said I owed $550.99. I called and reached TKTK at 7 p.m. after being on hold for about 15 minutes. She told me I needed to fax them RIGHT AWAY with my work order from April 25. I explained that I am an ordinary customer in an apartment and do not have a fax machine handy. Plus, I had to go look for the work order.
  It bothers me that the implication is that I did something wrong and that I have to prove my story, when clearly, Installer X didn't do his job and was trying to cut corners. Ask him where that Digital Cable box went. I don't have it and never did.
  I insist that the charge for $489.94 be removed from my bill IMMEDIATELY. Right now, I am so irritated with Large Cable Company that I am pondering cutting all my cable and going back to a TV with the rabbit ears. At least that would not cost me $489.94.

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