Wednesday, May 12, 2004

American Idol: I am torn between Fantasia and LaToya

From Television Without Pity:

By Shack

Most predictable recaplet title ever. Donna Summer is on hand to help guest judge a night of disco "divas." And they've changed things up by switching the order that the judges give their comments, making Randy's pointless rambling seem even less necessary. Jasmine crimps half her hair, which any woman will probably tell you is half too much. Her unsurprisingly predictable performances of "Everlasting Love" and "It's Raining Men" are surprisingly awful, even for her. And even for those songs. The judges make her cry. If only I still had the part of my soul that would have made me feel sorry for her. LaToya sings…sings…what did she sing? My notes say "Love You Inside and Out." Really? Wow. I don't remember that at all. She manages to pull out some more energy with "Don't Leave Me This Way." Of course, if you can't put some passion into that chorus, then you're considered legally dead. Fantasia sings a version of "Knock on Wood" that sounds like it was composed by Thor. On a Casio. When he was thirteen. Then she sings the disco classic…"Holding Out for a Hero"? What the hell? That makes Queen on big band night seem rational by comparison. And Rob Mariano better watch his back. Not only did his smart scheming ultimately do him in on Survivor, he may lose his title of Most Hated Reality Show Contestant Everybody Is Surprised to Have Fallen in Love With to Diana Degarmo, who draws the audience in with her renditions of "This Is It" and "No More Tears." She's a bit off vocally, but at least she's finally showing some soul.

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