Thursday, April 22, 2004

What is WRONG with America for voting Jennifer off "American Idol?"

  Is America on crack? Seriously. I think so.

  How else to explain that Jennifer - one of the best singers on the show - got the boot last night. Meanwhile, that weird redheaded kid stays on. (Sorry, Mom. I know you like him but he is just plain weird. And he DOES look like Stan Laurel!)

  I am shocked. SHOCKED I say!

  Your thoughts?


imalittleinkblot said...

I was totally shocked -- and saddened -- because I thought she sang pretty great Tuesday, especially the first half of the song. (The second half was basic Whitney diva performance -- which was good, too.)

But I think several factors came into play.

First, the three divas probably have some shared fans. So you have the problem of how do those folks spread their votes?

Then, there's complacency. I think most of their fans probably figured they were safe. Heck, most of everyone else's fans probably figured the divas were safe, too.

Which leads into the defensive voting strategy that I think really sank Jennifer. People assumed she was safe and worried that other singers they liked weren't. George, for example, because he's had a couple of weeks of sucky performances. So they power-voted for the folks they perceived to be in trouble and ended up vaulting those folks way ahead of the divas who they perceived to be safe.

And then there are the legions of naughty voters who are deliberately power-voting for the singer they perceive to be the worst. Yes, John Stevens. Go to the AI forum at Survivor Sucks and you'll see this is true.

I think Jennifer will do OK based on the exposure she's had.

ohsspca said...

Perhaps America is tired of divas.  Or perhaps America is tired of the same-old-same-old, and wanted some surprises.  Yes, I, too, thought that Jennifer was terrific, and so was Latoya. Can't say I'm as crazy about Fantasia.  But then I wasn't a big fan of Reuben, Justin, or Kelly.  I personally want to see William Hung as the Idol!

bunkboy925 said...

I think it speaks to the level of disgust viewers have with reality TV. We're drowning in false reality shows and people get mean spirited about it. Face it, you can't have train wreck TV without a trainwreck, and AI is just an hour a week of commuter trains leaving the station.