Sunday, April 11, 2004

I got tickets to the Rick Springfield concert!!!!

  Anne and I are going to see Rick Springfield in concert on April 28. I am soooooooo excited. When we were 12, Anne, Karen, Patty and I were in a near-riot at the Roosevelt Mall because of Rick Springfield.

  He was supposed to autograph albums (remember albums????) at the Sam Goody record store. That is when he was starring on "General Hospital" and also appearing frequently on the "Mike Douglas Show." We alll looooooooooooved him. The crowd of teenage and pubescent girls was so huge that they pushed in the plate glass window of the record store and Rick had to be driven out in a police van, with his head down. Sigh.

  Mom and I saw him perform in Las Vegas not too long ago and he was fabulous. Plus he still looks darn good!


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