Thursday, March 4, 2004

Beyonce's guitarist foils robbery in West Palm Beach,0,7077092.story  

 I used to go to this Walgreen's! It wasn't the "nice" Walgreen's; more like the "scary one." Now I know why!

Beyoncé guitarist helps nab suspect

By Nancy L. Othón
Staff Writer

A man who police say carjacked a 91-year-old man at knifepoint Tuesday outside a West Palm Beach pharmacy was arrested after several witnesses, including members of singer Beyoncé's band, helped chase the suspect down.

Reynold Caleen of Palm Beach had just left Walgreens, 1255 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., about 3:40 p.m. and got into his car when a man opened the door and pointed a knife at him, according to police reports.

Malcolm Clemons, 31, of West Palm Beach reached for Caleen's wallet and dragged him from his car, according to reports. Caleen fought back, trying to prevent Clemons from getting his wallet, but Clemons grabbed the wallet and got into Caleen's car, police said.

That's when several members of Beyoncé's band, in town to rehearse for an upcoming tour, drove into the parking lot and noticed Caleen on the ground, said West Palm Beach Police Lt. Mark Anderson.

Lead guitarist Shaun Carrington, 25, told police he thought Caleen was having some sort of medical episode until he noticed Clemons inside the car, Anderson said.


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ksqfan said...

That's scary that KQ used to frequent this place. Good thing she never got carjacked!!