Monday, March 1, 2004

2004 Academy Awards. Part 3

Okay, my fans have spoken. Frankly, I was quite bored by the middle part of the Oscars and when it got zippy towards the end, I was already in bed, watching with one eye open. Yet, I still have things to say.

VERY happy that Charlize Theron won for "Monster," especially since it took place in Daytona Beach, my former home. She was amazing. And she thanked South Africa! An entire country! That is not New Zealand.

VERY disappointed that Sean Penn beat Bill Murray for Best Actor. However, Sean's role in "Mystic River" was all about emoting. "My daughter is dead!" etc.Whereas Bill Murray's role was more subtle and deadpan.

Of course LOTR was going to win Best Picture. It had elves and dwarves in it, which both need a "v" when their singular is made plural.

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ksqfan said...

Agree 100% on all of KQs points. Charlize rocks! Thanking a whole country! How great!